Economic Development

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The Cedar Valley Community Foundation is a Nebraska non-profit corporation established in 1992 for the purpose of accepting gifts and contributions of any size for the benefit of people and families in the Cedar Valley. Foundation assets are invested and the principal and/or incomes used for grants to organizations for the betterment of Cedar Valley. Donors to the Cedar Valley Community Foundation receive maximum tax benefits because of the Foundation’s classification by the Internal Revenue Service as a “public charity.” Gifts made during a donor’s lifetime will result in important income tax advantages. Requests are deductible for federal estate tax purposes. All of us have benefited from the vision, hard work, and generosity of prior generations. A contribution to the Foundation recognizes the proud heritage we have here in the Cedar Valley and ensures that it continues to have a promising future. For details, contact City Hall at 308-358-0240 or by email at


Community Improvements

Our own people are our biggest potential for economic growth. We possess the enthusiasm and spirit of volunteerism with positive attitudes toward growth, change, and community development. As a result, several accomplishments have been achieved.

The following are a few of the grants Cedar Rapids received in trying to better the community:

  • 1990: CASBDA (Revolving Loan Fund for Small Businesses) from Rural Enterprise Assistance Program (REAP) (1990-1993) $25,000
  • 1991: Tourism Marketing Grant for River Rat Weekend $1,000
    Drug and Alcohol Awareness Grant $1,000
  • 1992: Tourism Marketing Grant for River Rat Weekend $2,500
    Recycling Grant for Semi Trailer to haul recyclables $3,500
    CASBDA Award from Midwest Living Magazine for the Hometown Pride Awards Program $1,000
    Nebraska Community Improvement Program Award for Third place overall in our population category $200
  • 1993: Recycling Grant for Horse Trailer to haul recyclables $2,300
    Housing HOME grant for rehab $168,200
    CDBG/PW Grant for improvements to water system $139,700
    Drug and Alcohol Awareness Grant $825
    Mansfield Foundation for library equipment $2,460
  • 1994: Nebraska Library Commission expansion grant $7,000
    Friends of Library Fund Drive $2,200
  • 1995: St. Anthony Catholic Church Renovation Donations $300,000
    HOME Recipients Match Funds $41,000
  • 1996: Library Improvements Donations $20,000
    Ambulance Fund Drive Donations $45,000
    CDBG Housing Grant $170,000
    School Bond $2,700,000
  • 2009: New Firehall Completed.


Cedar Rapids boasts an active Main street with a lumberyard, grocery store, meat locker, locally owned bank, beauty shop, insurance office, restaurant/bar, service station, apiary, and more. There are many smaller service type businesses spread around town and throughout the area, such as two electricians, welder, trucking firm, carpenters, and others related to agriculture. To see a list of businesses in the Cedar Rapids vicinity visit the Boone County Development Association’s business listing.



Cedar Rapids has several nice houses available for sale. There are also a few lots for anyone interested in building. Some areas do have to deal with Flood Insurance when it comes to purchasing or building. To obtain a list of houses that may be available in the area contact Village of Cedar Rapids at