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Cedar Rapids is located in Boone County, in north-central Nebraska, in the heart of the Cedar Valley. Nebraska Highways 56 and 52 serve the community, and Cedar Rapids is only 9 miles west of Nebraska Highway 14. Cedar Rapids is 58 miles north of Interstate 80 and 127 miles northwest of Omaha, Nebraska.


The 2010 estimated population for Cedar Rapids is 382; for Boone County 5,505.


On April 19, 1884, with a population of 200, Cedar Rapids became an official village. Cedar Rapids was named for the abundance of cedar trees growing along the banks of the fast running river which ran adjacent to the village. A branch line of Union Pacific began operations through Cedar Rapids on November 28, 1884. Cedar Rapids is home to a Lutheran, a United Methodist, and a Catholic Church. The Cedar Rapids Public School system is known not only for student projects and innovations in the school curriculum but also for its beautiful athletic field, including a track, football field, softball field and trees of all types. The State Champion American Buckeye tree graces the front of the building complex.

Community Accomplishments

Due to many letters, salesmen, and cattle ending up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, instead of Cedar Rapids, Nebr., a campaign began to put us on the map. T-shirts and caps stating “Yes – There Is A Cedar Rapids, Nebraska,” netted publicity in the Cedar Rapids Press, Iowa Gazette, Lincoln Star, Grand Island Independent, and the Omaha World-Herald.

Our community improvements and economic development attracted attention from coast to coast. Cedar Rapids was featured in a video “Two Towns Too Tough To Die,” on how small towns revitalize themselves.

Iowa Public Television produced a tape of the Cedar Area Small Business Development Association (CASBDA) a first ever revolving loan organization. This tape was broadcast by Nebraska Public Television.

Cedar Rapids has taken part in the Nebraska Community Improvement Program (NCIP) since 1990 and received awards in various categories as well as overall. Fifty newspapers printed news releases of Cedar Rapids as a “can do” community selected by the Department of Economic Development. Paul Harvey picked up on our unique “Cow Patty Golf Course.” Nebraska television stations aired footage on us for their “Town for a Day” series.

Other publications our community has been featured in include:

  • National School Association Magazine
  • Lincoln Journal
  • Columbus Telegram
  • Rural Electric Nebraskan
  • Municipal Clerks Newsletter
  • Northeast Nebraska Travel Guide
  • Department of Economic Development Newsletter
  • Midwest Living Magazine